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Today, Rafael Nadal has been confirmed as the new world No 1 in men's tennis, knocking Roger Federer off top spot for the first time in 237 weeks.

Just yesterday, I rushed home in time to catch the Beijing Olympics Tennis Men's Finals - Rafael Nadal vs Fernando Gonzalez. It was an easy game for Nadal; winning 3 straight matches. Game play stretched passed 7:30pm SG time and I was switching channels between Tennis and Table-Tennis where Singapore had a shot at an Olympic Gold. Both games ended very predictably and Singapore took home a Silver.

Nadal with his Olympic Gold

And a classic 'Nadal falls to the ground' shot when he won the semi-finals

Here's one with the classic 'Bite the Medal' shot with the Gold Medal.
All similar to what we witnessed at Wimbledon

Three people I know are in Beijing right now, in the midst of all the Olympic action. My cousin, Sarah; who's a Fifa referee for Women Soccer. Unfortunately, I don't watch soccer (more so women soccer...), so I never get to catch her on tele.

Raj man, my reporter friend who is feeding back home all the juicy highlights on the ground. Now this is the guy with a bird's eye view to all the happening games and he has photos to boast. He's been complaining that broadband access at the Olympic village during the period of the games are fixed at SGD$3,000! What a rip off!

Then there is Captain James! This guy is the luckiest of them all. He is there on leisure, has all the free time but with so many games happening... he sometimes can't decide which to attend! He was so set on attending the Olympics Opening Ceremony and was happy like a bird when he got a ticket at RMB$11,000! That's like SGD$2,200!!! But he gave the ceremony a 10/10 and I have to agree it's truly the greatest show of the century. It was master filmmaker Zhang Yimou of the Fifth Generation Chinese filmmakers who directed the thousands strong performance. He was the perfect choice, displaying grandeur in scale and detail. The Chinese can be proud for putting on such a show watched by more then 4 billion all over the world!

On high recommendation, James managed to catch the tennis match of the week between Rafael Nadal and World #3 Noval Djokovic at the Semi-Finals. He didn't get me a signature, but got me this pic instead:
Rafael Nadal Beijing 04
My gift from James

In return, he asked me if I had a 1/2 naked picture of Maria Sharapova! In response, I told him if he ever gets hold of one, he must share! That gal's got serious attitude, but choi!

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