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There are days you thought you've got everything all planned out. To perfection. Then 'things' happen, and the weekend turns out totally not the way you'd expect it.

Saturday was suppose to start off with a neighbourhood run. Largely cause I wanted to get a little stamina back for the upcoming inter-church Amazing Race. The other reason is cause I've been a sloth for too long and really should get into a routine to move my limbs. Then towards evening, I'd cycle down to the Marina Bay area to watch exploding lights in the sky at the annual Fireworks Festival. The fireworks display for the night was entitled 'French Romance'. Wooo Lah Lah...
Everything would have been wonderful if not for the rain. And it rained... and it rained... pouring cats and dogs...

Dennis was already at Francis' place when they planned to hop over to John's place for a BBQ in celebration of Edna's 23rd birthday. And because of the rain (again), a hotplate replaced the pit in the centre of the dinning area. I'm still wondering why they closed all the windows and turned on the air-con; stuffing the house with smoke and oil! There was a great spread of food with Master Teppanyaki chef, Terence. Chicken wings from the hotplate or the oven. Golden mushroom fried with soy sauce and beer. Mini Taiwan sausages and pork belly fried to crispy perfection. And no BBQ will be complete without marshmallows. Only ours were done over a hotplate.

BBQ Hotplate Montage 23082008
Should you be tired holding the marshmallow sticks, you can even prop them on the beer can ring holder!

In the spirit of Christmas caroling at the end of the year we decided to improvise on
'Marshmallows roasting on an open hotplate
Jack Frost nipping on your nose...'

Games Nite entertainment was between Pictionary Mania or Taboo. We all decided to pick Taboo splitting into 2 teams.
Taboo has a crazy sense of humour.

Dennis: 'What is Kemmy when she is riding on Jock's bike?'
Jock: 'Annoying'
Ian: 'A Bitch'
Everyone else: LOL!!!
You should see Kemmy's expression at this stage!!!
Dennis: 'No No...'
Time's Up
Answer: Backseater

It was all extremely good fun!

Sunday. Another one of those days when your beautiful plans fall through the cracks. This time not by the 'natural' hands of mother nature but another 'woman's' doing churning up Celeste's stomach. That poor gal was so sick, she couldn't get out of bed for her day of celebration. So mass in the afternoon and high tea at Fosters Rose (with scorns & tea) were thrown out the window. Wendy was so pissed, she MIAed for 1/2 a day.

Since I was already in church, I decided to join the gang for an up-sized Carl's Jr lunch, topped up with chili beef cheese cross-cut fries. My Double Cheese Western Bacon Burger was extremely, extremely sinful. And because of the free-flow of diet-coke, it was the best place to hang around as the rain started to come down again. It was 4 good hours of casual talk about anything, everything under the sun. From topics of the great Pope John Paul, to the incarnation of the 'devil' in Pope Benedict. From bachelors and their lava lamps, to women and their role in society. Then there was this entire conversation of dialects and how it ended up with vaguarities and the song by One Republic - 'Apologize'. That joke from Jerome was awfully funny. Totally cracked me up!

Strangely, the mass I attended at SPP was aptly appropriate after my chit chat session about Jesus asking Peter, 'Who do you say I am'. Then Jesus made Peter the 1st Pope.

It got me thinking at this point on the meaning of the question and how it related to the weekend of 'When things don't go your way'. I plan a lot, love planning and enjoy executing them. Planning, preparing, anticipating are all great; but allowing God to steer the boat... brings one to new adventures, you never knew even existed.

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