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Email from Iwan:

Email from Dennis:
> What's this about?

Email from James:
>Very cool and mysterious... this ONE.

>C'mon Dennis, the ONE - blank email - profound statement, man. This is DEEP...

>I will meditate about it. Maybe tomorrow I will see the light.

Email from Dennis:
> Hmmm empty oneself? we are nothing?

LOL! I'm already starting to like the upcoming camp!


  1. Hey! What a Complicated Web? May be I am Old already. I saw that U cloudn't decide whether U want to watch the F1 Grand Prix. I think that I will do it because it is very cool! Ha! Check out my blog . Tag me ah! Keep In touch!

  2. Hey, Me ah. Stanley from HK.

  3. Hey Stanley!
    Yah... I not that crazy over cars... so I'm still figuring if I wanna spend S$250 and 3 nights on car races! Though I'd agree, it's a historical event for SG and it would be cool to be part of it... still $250!!! At this stage, the $$$ can buy me a new bed! Haha!


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