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Okie, I'm going to admit... I know nothing (nor care) about cars, much less the F1! I'm really not into the flashy fast car kindda thing; but it's the experience of being part of a historical event, both for Singapore and for the sport in it's 1st ever night race. Trust me when I say Singapore will make an awesome backdrop for the event. The city will look so good on pictures and the tele.

Thanks to James for the free ride - literally.
He just returned from the Beijing Olympics 2008 and now to this exciting event. I helped him secure a pair of low Marina Bay Grandstand tickets at below cost, and thankfully for my lucky stars; his friend due to arrive from HK will not be in until Sunday. So guess who he invited???

Singapore Grand Prix circuit preview

Mark Webber introduces the circuit in an awesome animated segment

Singapore F1 circuit in Google Earth

There is a lot of appeal in attending a night race. One thing for sure, we wouldn't need to slap on all those sun block plus avoid that deadly afternoon heat.

Being the 1st night race, flood lights 4x brighter then a football stadium will line the streets of the circuit. What this means is - it's anybody's race to take. All conditions on glare, surrounding lights, cooler temperature of the roads and possibly rain will significantly make or break the race.

Singapore F1 Grand Prix Circuit 2008

Leading up to tomorrow, I spent some time this morning running through the circuit grounds, what roads are closed and what shuttle services are available. There were no problems finding the necessary information. Apparently,
(a) there is a shuttle service from Clarke Quay MRT to Gate 4 (which is really nice for me)
(b) take a river ferry ride from Clarke Quay to the Marina Bay Grandstand (which is where I will be stationed) at a cost of SGD$5. It provides a rather nice option from walking
(c) if you manage to flag down a taxi with the DHL advert, you ride for free (how nice)

I've been thinking about the essential gear to carry along. It should be light - ear-plugs, rain coat (the heavy duty kind) and camera. This time round, I'm thinking to bring along my TRV950 to capture some movie magic. Which also got me thinking about protecting the equipment should it rain. It's no secret that the weather can get totally crazy and the rain insanely heavy. So I figured I would like to get myself a dry bag. Those that you bring along on a kayak trip. I found a good candidate at Camper's Corner and will likely pick one up before the race. If showers come my way Saturday, I'll know how effective the dry bag is!!!

Last on the list was to make dinner reservations, which I did at Indochine Empress' Place. From experience at the Burger King breakfast after the Singapore Marathon 2007, I don't think fast food or food within the circuit is all that great an idea. I think we'll be happier people with a decent meal before the race.

Till Qualifying Day; Vrooooom Vrooooom Vrooooom!


  1. you lucky girl you! I am envious! :-D

  2. Not to worry, the F1 has secured it's run in SG for the next 5 years. You will have your chance!
    Just that it won't be the 1st! Muahahaha!

  3. Hi Nat,

    I like the F1 GP animation. It is nice & cool. Which company did the animation?


  4. Good question... heard is some French Company, but I can't seem to find a name.


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