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The government's vision to ensure that every household in Singapore will be at least 15 mins (drive) away from any MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station.

Our MRT route map will potentially look from this:

Current MRT Route Map

To this:

Future MRT Route Map

For a small country like ours, this connectivity via the railway backbone will launch us up to the status of one of 'most accessible cities'. No doubt exciting, it got me thinking about a conversation with Ian and Dennis a couple of weeks back about technology, our fast paced advancements and those that are finding it hard to catch up. Both mentally and monetarily.

From our initial 2 major interchange stations (City Hall & Raffles) and then another with Dolby Ghuat for the NEL; we might potentially have up to 8 stations just within the CBD area itself!

Certainly, compared to London or Tokyo; this layout is a walk in the park. Still, I'm concerned about the learning curve for our aging population.

On a side thought, I wonder if the increase convenience will continue to deter me from buying a car?!?! We shall see how strong the force is...

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