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We couldn't make our mission to the Tanjung Pinang Asrama Putra Boys' Home this year due to scheduling issues with the boys' year end examinations. Still I felt our youth at STYG and myself have been blessed with way more then we could ever ask for throughout the year.

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And a whole bunch of other activities such as Confirmation Camp, Feast Day Celebrations, Archdiocese Youth Day, Kid's Camp...

I always say this - cause time and again... it has come true; "When God gives, HE gives in abundance". It amazes me every time I come to realise God's generosity. In big things and in small. More often then not, I let so many blessings pass by without truly giving thanks.

So when I came to realise we wouldn't be making our annual trip to Tanjung Pinang about a month back, I wrote to Iwan if we should do something else for our youth to give back a little. Being in the spirit of Christmas, I suggested visiting a home to spread a little joy around. When Iwan got my email, he thanked me for the affirmation, cause he was thinking along the same lines. Plans were made to help out at the Missionaries of Charity Home (along Thomson Road) where the sisters from the same order as Mother Teresa of Calcutta organising a Christmas Celebration.

Missionaries Of Charity Christmas Celebration 13122008 085
Missionaries of Charity Home

Missionaries Of Charity Christmas Celebration 13122008 030
Tent and stage setup for the Christmas Celebration

Missionaries Of Charity Christmas Celebration 13122008 009
The 200 strong crowd

About 200 elderly, poor and destitute were invited to share the morning with Mass (served by Fr. Eugene Vaz), a program consisting of stage performances, games, lucky draws followed by lunch. Even Santa was there to spread some festive cheers. Before leaving, many collected ration packs and food vouchers.

Missionaries Of Charity Christmas Celebration 13122008 073Missionaries Of Charity Christmas Celebration 13122008 076
The young and the strong

Our group was designated to serve drinks. And when the ration packs were issued, muscle power were rendered to ensure the old folkies made it up to their respective transport. Some our us hailed cabs from the main road while I ushered those who came in buses to the right vehicle.

Missionaries Of Charity Christmas Celebration 13122008 088
Ration packs piled up in the background

It was crazy how heavy those ration packs were. It contained a 1 litre bottle of cooking oil, coffee mix, instant noodles, a roll of ham and a whole bunch of other goodies. Some of these old folkies could hardly walk straight, let alone carry a huge bag that weighed around 5kg! A few complained why they weren't issued an Ang Bao hand out!!! Cannot please everybody.

Still many left with a broad smile. Many children took home toys and gifts. I could see their appreciation for the effort and alms giving.

Rachel had the chance to see her maternal grandpa at the home. They haven't met for about a year. Her grandpa initially couldn't recognise her and I could hear the happiness in her voice when she shared on having the chance to see him again.

Missionaries Of Charity Christmas Celebration 13122008 084
Dennis doing a pole dancing no. to amuse us while we wait around

Yet again, I am left feeling very proud of the hardwork the youth have put in; even if it was only for a morning. And for this morning, they have shared Jesus with so many.

Missionaries Of Charity Christmas Celebration 13122008 024
"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." — Mother Teresa

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