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"the reunion you never wanted to attend in the first place... BUT WILL!"

Goofy as it might sound... we actually pulled together the 1st CATECHISM CLASS REUNION for St. Teresa Church! Calling back students from as far back as 10 years ago and a whole bunch of old Catechism teachers! Gosh! We even exceeded our targeted no. of tables from 10 to 13! It was an unbelievable gathering of people who had walked in our journey of faith at some stage.

After over nearly 2 months of preparation, Francis' brainchild was born. The aim of the reunion had a couple of objectives: to celebrate Christmas with old friends and to instill a sense of service or to open an avenue for those that want to return and serve in the church's communities.

There were much to get done: confirming the dinner venue, event programme, getting a host for the night (kudos to Joshua, who did an awesome job), prizes and gifts, decorations, preparing the interview video, publicity... talking to people... getting people talking about the event...

STC Catechism Class Reunion 20122008 The Wall
The birth of "The Wall". A rip off from Facebook which spurred us to start a group which grew and grew!

We (aka. the committee) would have been grateful if we could have filled 10 tables at the ultra CHI-NA Dragon Restaurant at Depot Road. If not for the event, I would never have guessed such a Chinese restaurant actually existed in the middle of a small HDB estate. At at a very decent SGD$250 nett per table, inclusive of steamed fish and roasted chicken. Weeks before the event, we were still worried about slow ticket sales. Without the support from the calling team and teachers (that came buying entire tables), the reunion wouldn't be what it is.

I was still dazed with medication and the dreaded flu, which prevented me from socializing more then I normally would. Still, I managed to catch up with a couple of old Styggies; about life in general. It got me realizing that a year had passed and so much have happened... some good... others... not so...

Still it was a fantastic night. Of fun, great fellowship and good cheers.

Wonder if we sowed the seed for more such reunions to come...

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