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My Zen Garden is finally coming together very nicely. No longer do we have an unmanageable "forest"! The sound of running water is sweet music to the ears and heart. Wonderful to enjoy on a cool, breezy night and a hot cup of tea in hand. Mom & Dad also purchased a set of hand crafted Indonesian teak furniture to match.

From Zen Garden 20012009
The centre piece highlight is the Tower Water Feature. Three blocks of sandstone-like bricks with internal lighting and waterproofed spotlights for mood in the night

From Zen Garden 20012009
At the far end is a Japanese stone lantern with a couple of small stone boulders. That corner will look pretty when the bougainvillea grows taller and more luscious

Putting together the garden:
From Zen Garden 20012009
Picking out the water feature design. This is the mock set-up that we picked

From Zen Garden 20012009
The workers laying out pearl grass

From Zen Garden 20012009
Installing the water feature

I've yet to lay out a bonsai corner and displaying out the potted plants. Not decided - a spice garden for the backyard.

I knew it was a matter of time that I'll develop green fingers; but my Zen Garden project has sped up the process! The day will come when I'll actually rip the harvest of fresh greens and produce from my very own garden!

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