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I've been getting some goofy gifts lately. Gifts that shout my name in BOLD when friends picked them up for me. Got a call from Wendy one night when she told me that she was at Candy Empire and couldn't resist getting me something. I immediately went "JELLYBEANS???". Apparently not. Wendy commented that the moment she saw it, she went: "must get this for Nat!".

When I finally got the gift, I burst out laughing! Funny how no one sees a Louis Vuitton bag and think of me...

Wii Candy 10022009 01
Au'some's Wiimote Candy Dispenser

Wii Candy 10022009 03
"B" Button dispensers candies. The instructions at the back of pack states "Warning! Do not aim at eyes or face"!?!?!

Wii Candy 10022009 05
Simply love how you can store 2 tubes of candy backup snugly into the battery compartment of the Wiimote

Wii Candy 10022009 04
Even with the official seal from Nintendo. It's the REAL thing!

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