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Barry Schwartz's "The real crisis? We stopped being wise" presentation which received a standing ovation at February 2009 TED Conference

An extremely inspiring talk that deserves your 20 mins.

Barry Schwartz studies the link between economics and psychology, offering startling insights into modern life. He makes a passionate call for "practical wisdom" as an antidote to a society gone mad with bureaucracy. He argues powerfully that rules often fail us, incentives often backfire, and practical, everyday wisdom will help rebuild our world.
Practice Wisdom is the combination of Moral Will and Moral Skill - Aristotle
A Wise Person Knows:
- When and how to make "the exception to every rule."
- When and how to improvise.
- How to use these moral skills in pursuit of the right aims.
- is made not born.

"Without wisdom, brilliance isn't enough" - Barry Schwartz


  1. Watched this talk few days ago too!I recommend his other talk : The paradox of choice

  2. Agree, both were great presentations :)

  3. yaay! finally i can comment! very backdated so here goes...

    - the Nonya entry
    not sure if my ancestors are also Peranakan cos my mom said my late grandma said that my late great-grandma wore sarong kabaya..but when i asked Malaysians from Malacca they said not all Chinese who wore sarong kabaya are Peranakans

    - the German one
    thanks for posting the of them has a white embroided cloth n duno what dark-black-thing inside looks suspiciously like an opened heart from far

    - 'Wisdom' entry
    *fral*'s got a video about the new atheist by a Father Barron

  4. And I was wondering where you have been... yah in all things German, I quite enjoyed the "Come-in: Interior Design" exhibits. Catch up soon!


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