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After the Good Friday Service in the morning, Kemmy and myself headed west to the Science Centre's IMAX Theatre to catch the THE ALPS. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, hiding away from the usual Good Friday afternoon downpour.

THE ALPS is a gripping story of human courage and resilience. It follows a young mountain-climber, John Harlin III, in his journey to the peak of the Eiger, a beautiful yet deadly mountain in the Swiss Alps. Often translated as the Ogre, the Eiger is one of the most perilous mountains in the world. It has claimed countless mountaineers' lives, including John's own father, yet remains an obsession for mountain-climbers as a crowning achievement in their careers. In THE ALPS, John sets out to confront his painful legacy by conquering the summit of the Eiger. Along the way, the film examines how settlers have skilfully created a life for themselves amidst the pristine yet dangerous mountain landscape. These twin stories illustrate the strength and resilience of the human spirit as these remarkable people learn to coexist with the mountains.

At the heart of the story is the theme of 'family love'. For John in honour of his late father, John Harlin II; whose life was claimed at this very same mount; and for John's daughter, Siena. To teach her courage, adventure and respect for nature.

The film is set to the music of classic rock music legends Queen, and is narrated by award-winning stage, television and screen actor Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter).

There's nothing like watching how majestic these mountains are on 70mm footage in an Omni-Max Theatre. There were moments when the film dipped downwards from an ariel shot and you almost felt as if you were about to fall off your seat. Every scene was taken with such beauty, both breath-taking and awe-inspiring.

I took some time back home to catch the 8 part On Location series. Viewing on my 37" TV fails in comparison to the theatre, by a great deal! They provide an insightful behind the scenes look from the concept to the difficulty of filming in the harsh conditions of the alps.

On Location #1 - First Steps Up The Mountain

On Location #2 - John Harlin III

On Location #5 - Filming an Avalanche

On Location #6 - Filming the Eiger with IMAX Cameras

On Location #7 - Climbing the Eiger

THE ALPS completes its screening on 30 April.

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