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I lost my aunt tonight.

Someone who was almost like a mother to me. She watched me grow and took care of my many needs as a child. Someone who was a teacher to me. She helped me with my school work and taught me lessons of life.

Autumn leaves can dazzle us with their magnificent colors: deep red, purple, yellow, gold, bronze, in countless variations and combinations. Then, shortly after having shown their unspeakable beauty, they fall to the ground and die. The barren trees remind us that winter is near. Likewise, the autumn of life has the potential to be very colorful: wisdom, humour, care, patience, and joy may bloom splendidly just before we fall to the ground and die.

As I look at the barren trees and remember her passing, I am grateful for the beauty I saw in her and wait hopefully for a new spring.

God bless her soul.

Inspiration from Henri Nouwen


  1. My condolences, Natasha. Will pray for your aunt.

  2. Thanks Kenneth. Your prayers mean a lot :)

  3. *hugz* will pray for ur aunt too!

    - wen

  4. my condolence and prayers on the death of your aunt and all the bereaved family.

  5. There was much peace at the wake today. Joy was sensed at the prayer session. Affirmation that my aunt is in a good place with our Lord. Thanks everyone for offering your time and prayers :)

  6. one night u Sharon n me go to the pub around Sg flyer and see our ex-STYG gig there lah - when u back lah, have a good time at where u r now :3


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