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A little entertainment catching the hacked site of KFC Singapore around midnight yesterday (31 July 2009) from Frances. Apparently, she heard wind from her friends on Facebook. A quick reminder again of the power of social networking.

KFC Website Hacked 02 01082009
The good ole KFC website turned from this...

KFC Website Hacked 01082009
to this...

The site was left at this stage for a good few hours. Nightmare for KFC's SysAdmin and good humour from Hepatit Ottoman (of little known KFC Website Hacking fame). But the more concerning thought will be credit card information which may stored within the system... Personally, KFC have some explaining to do...


  1. the cat i imitated in my voice vid? it's a character in the anime/manga series Prince of Tennis, it's a Himalayan cat belonging to Echizen Ryoma, also a character - of the same series - of "whom" i imitated in the same voice vid X3

  2. Gheez... I would have never guessed that in a million years


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