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CNN's release of video footage of the rehearsal two days before his death on 25 August 2009. Performing "They Don't Care About Us" mixed with "HIStory".

LOS ANGELES - THE 911 call from a member of Michael Jackson's entourage was released here on Friday, providing an insight into the pop star's tragic final moments as he lay unconscious.

On a tape released by the Los Angeles Fire Department, the unidentified male caller tells a switchboard operator that repeated attempts to revive Jackson via CPR had been unsuccessful.

The caller also tells the operator that Jackson's personal doctor - who was reportedly being sought by police on Friday - was the only witness to the star's collapse.

Here is the transcript of the emergency call placed from Michael Jackson's Los Angeles mansion at 12.21pm (1921 GMT, 12.21am Singapore time) on Thursday:

Operator: Fire and paramedics 33. What is the address of the emergency?

Caller: Yes sir, I need an ambulance as soon as possible, sir.

Operator: OK, sir. What is your address?

Caller: It's 100 North Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90077.

Operator: You said Carolwood?

Caller: Carolwood Drive, yes.

Operator: OK, sir. What is the phone number that you're calling from?

Caller: (REDACTED)

Operator: And what exactly happened?

Caller: We have a gentleman here that needs help and he's not breathing yet. He's not breathing and we're trying to pump him but he's not. He's not.

Operator: OK, how old is he?

Caller: He's 50 years old, sir.

Operator: 50? OK, he's not breathing? Not conscious.

Caller: No, he's not breathing. He's not conscious sir.

Operator: Do you have him on the floor? Where's he at right now?

Caller: He's on the bed sir. He's on the bed. We need them.

Operator: Let's get him on the floor. We're already on the way.

I'm going to as much as I can to help you on the phone. We're already on our way. Did anybody see him?

Caller: Yes, we have a personal doctor with him, sir.

Operator: Oh, you have a doctor there?

Caller: Yes, but he's not responding to anything. He's not responding to CPR or anything.

Operator: Oh, OK, we're on our way there. If your guy is doing CPR and you're instructed by a doctor, he's a higher authority than me. And he's there on scene. Did anybody witness what happened?

Caller: No, just the doctor, sir. The doctor has been the only one there.

Operator: OK, so the doctor saw what happened?

Caller: Doctor, did you see what happened, sir? (Someone spoke in the background but the words were not intelligible.)

Caller: Sir, if you can please.

Operator: We're on our way. I'm just passing these questions on to my paramedics while they're on the way there, sir.

Caller: Thank you sir. He's pumping his chest but he's not responding to anything. Please.

Operator: OK, OK. We're on our way. We're less than a mile away from Cedars and we'll be there shortly.

Jackson was reportedly rushed to UCLA Medical Center this afternoon; paramedics reported that Jackson was not breathing when he arrived at the hospital. He was pronuced dead at 2:26 pm.


  1. although i'm not that much of a fan but his passing came as a shock to me

    the MJ era - the Elvis of the 80's

    he is remembered

  2. What graphic desigh package do u use?

  3. That would have to be the Adobe suite of products


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