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I haven't heard a single bad review for Disney / Pixar's 10th animation feature film, "UP". It's flying so high with rave praises that nothing can put it down. Who wouldn't love a story line about a cranky old man (Carl) and an overeager Wilderness Explorer (Russell) who fly to South America in a floating house suspended from helium balloons. But more importantly, the story is executed flawlessly, that it leaves you smiling.

It may be Pixar's 10th film, but there are certainly many 1st:

Pixar's First 3D Movie
My 1st 3D movie experience was at the IMAX theatre catching the 10th Anniversary of "Beauty and the Beast". In my opinion, an amazing movie-going experience. I was in awe of the 3D scenes where Belle sang in the gardens to "There's Something There" and the ballroom scene to "Beauty And The Beast".

I had to fork out that extra S$3 bucks to sit through 1.5 hours of "UP" with 2 pairs of spectacles. One for my short sightedness and the other for the 3D illusion which didn't quite work for me this time round. There were a couple of good 3D scenes, but most part of it was rather flat. Having the 3D glasses on, also meant the richness of the colours came through darker. The glasses turned out to be minus rather then a plus.

Discovering a Lost World

Unlikely Heroes
Pixar also introduced their 1st Asian American Character, Russell. The character is modeled after a Japanese American.
In many ways, Carl reminded me of the cute old Benjamin in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons". It reminds us that being old can be rather enduring.

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