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Being the 2nd year running since last year's inaugural Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2008 and with a struggling economy, the organisers had to whip up more then just fast cars. They managed to pull in Travis, Chaka Khan and Backstreet Boys for performances before and after the F1 races.

I was at the finals for this year's race with Walkabout tickets. The Walkabout tickets this year were restricted to Zone 4, largely the Padang. There were more fringe activities and performances compared to the 1st F1. The bad thing is, barricades were setup a distance away from the track fences, making viewing from the sides difficult. In fact, after a while, I was pretty contented to watch the action on the big screens. The good thing - I'm already on the Padang grounds and easily wiggled my way near to the front of the stage when Backstreet Boys took centre stage after Lewis Hamilton's unchallenged win.

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2009 Backstreet Boys Concert
The Backstreet Boys are now in their mid 30s and one member down. They still had some insane fans. This bunch of girls nearly burst my ear drums with their screams. The truth is... I as little as I knew about cars, I knew equally little on this 7 albums boy band. Sure there were a couple of sing alongs, but I'm really not a boy band kinda gal. After the previous night's F1 Rocks performance, I felt the performance by BSB dull. You'd imagine, they'd have a wider variety of music styles after being in the industry for so long.

"I Want It That Way" is the most successful song by the Backstreet Boys, and their first single from their 1999 album Millennium.

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2009 Backstreet Boys Concert

"I'll Never Break Your Heart" is the second single by the Backstreet Boys from their self-titled debut album.

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2009 Backstreet Boys Concert

Closing the concert with "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"

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Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2008
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