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One of my little pleasures in life is enjoying a good slab of meat. A raw, bloody dripping piece of beef. Okay, not that blood oozing, but medium rare redness really delights me.

The moment I chanced upon the advert by BEDROCK on their new beef on the menu, an impressive TOMAHAWK rib bone steak as big as 2kg, my eyes grew big! I had to gather 4 carnivorous friends for this meat feast!

Bedrock TOMAHAWK Steak 19092009
Whisky Sour and flat bread for starters

Upon entering the restaurant at Pan Pacific Suites, we were greeted to a nice cozy bar / cocktail section. To all whisky connoisseurs, Bedrock also presents the ultimate ‘Old Fashioned Experience’ - a classic whisky-based cocktail that traces back to the 19th Century. As the popular choice among trendy bars in New York, the Old Fashioned’s staying power has transcended generations. I was recommended a Whisky Sour, mixed with a 16 year old whisky from Ireland (I think...). The mix was fabulous and with a great taste to start the meal on a right note.

We started off with their nicely warmed flat bread that is accompanied with a fragrant garlic clove and butter. It is like garlic bread but in a deconstructed way. It was a welcoming deviation from the regular olive oil and balsamic vinegar combination. The bread is a worthy mention by itself - soft and fluffy.

Bedrock TOMAHAWK Steak 19092009
1.7kg of TOMAHAWK

For the first time in Singapore, Bedrock Bar & Grill introduces the Tomahawk, an enormous piece of long bone ribeye steak - perhaps the biggest in Singapore. This slab of meat was only available on the restaurant’s grill menu since August. The 400-day grain-fed Wagyu Tomahawk from western Australia is typically a ribeye steak with a long rib bone and can range between 1.3kg to 2kg, depending on the size of the cut. The meat is cooked over a mesquite wood-fired grill abd served with 4 choices of sauces: Pinor Noir reduction, classic Béarnaise, hot whisky mustard sauce and the homemade Bedrock chilli oil.

Bedrock TOMAHAWK Steak 19092009 Bedrock TOMAHAWK Steak 19092009
The Carnivores!

I learnt a few things about beef that night from our dedicated waiter.

I surmise that even though a steak in its most basic form is simply a cooked piece of meat, there are many factors which will affect your level of enjoyment. It is whether the cattle was grass fed or grain fed, whether it is from Australia or US. Whether the meat was dry aged or wet aged, broiled, flambe, or grill over wood or charcoal. Whether it was left to rest after grilling or served immediately and whether it is served on a plain plate or a sizzling hotplate.

Dry aging is the process where the meat is left to hang for a period of time so that some decomposition of the meat starts. The aging process tenderizes the meat and increases its flavour. Protein that undergoes decomposition releases free glutamates (natural MSG) which increases its savoury flavour. This is why we have fish sauce, soy sauce, worchestershire sauce (Anchovies)and miso paste which are all proteins which have undergone some fermentation thus they are all sources of free glutamates. This was the traditional way cultures from all round the world flavour their food before some smart Japanese Scientist came up with Aji-no-moto.

Anyway, after the beef is aged, the outside of the whole block of meat would become grey and yucky, and this has to be trimmed off, which is why it is so much more expensive. The second part of the equation is of course, the cooking process. Once you get your hands on the very best US beef, you still need to know how to cook it properly.

I reserve this "dry aging" beef experience for another occasion.

Bedrock TOMAHAWK Steak 19092009
Good fats with rockets

The TOMAHAWK was a fantastic piece of meat. So far, I stand firm that a good tasty piece of meat must contain a good amount of fats. Fats that melts in your mouth! But you wouldn't want to consume in with Sharon around...

I ended the night with a Frangelico (Hazelnut Liqueur) coffee. I am contented to find another place that does good mixes. They are increasingly hard to find these days. Wendy was introduced to Cherry Tobacco Rum. Not my type of drink as I don't do drugs.

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  1. it is 5 sauces... you missed out on the black pepper sauce

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