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3 straight nights, 12 acts, 1 inaugural F1 ROCKS Concert! The F1 Rocks Singapore is the first in a series of multi-artist live events in conjunction with the F1 GP Motor Sport. Their formula to bring in the biggest names including Beyoncé Knowles, Black Eyed Peas (BEP), Jacky Chueng, A-Mei, Simple Minds and No Doubt drew in swamps of tourists.

It didn't take me too long to secure my ticket (at a hefty SGD$180) to the closing night upon hearing news that Beyoncé and BEP will rock Fort Canning Green on 26 September. It will be BEP's 4th performance (and I'm still beating myself for not attending their 'Monkey Business' Concert) and Beyoncé's 1ST!!! I've been a fan since her 'Dangerously In Love' album. The tickets became hot property later as they sold out long in advance. I was contemplating selling the tickets off on eBay at a profiting price to Wendy's stern protest! Then again, I wouldn't give up my chance to catch Beyoncé live! Nope...

Days drawing up to the concert, BEP and Beyoncé were on my MP3 playlist. And as we entered the grounds on concert day, we made sure we wiggled our way as far front to the stage as possible. We we off centre to the right a little but not more then 5 meters away from the stage. We were real close!

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009
BEP blasted onto stage with Will.I.Am,, Taboo, and Fergie citing up the crowd. Hands were in the air, everyone was jumping, totally hyped. There was electric energy as the zillion volts speakers pounded away.

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009
The concert played all the chart topping and familiar tunes from their 'Elephunk', 'Monkey Business' and 'The E.N.D' albums. Every hit was spot on crowd pleasing.

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009

Stage lights goes off and the park illuminates with handphones and glow sticks in 'Where is the Love'

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009

Concert on high with the last act of BEP - 'I Gotta Feeling'. Will.I.Am misses the last note!

The 1 hour concert left us high and dry. We really didn't get enough of BEP. Fortunately, there was Beyoncé at the stroke of midnight.

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009
Beyoncé shakes her grove in a sequined leotard and ultra-high heels with 'Crazy In Love' as her opening act. The crowd went wild! In fact, I've never seen Fort Canning with such a grand stage - deserving of the diva!

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009

'Crazy in Love' - Opening act for Beyoncé 1st ever performance in Singapore.

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009
Beyoncé with a total of 5 costume changes during her 1.5 hours performance. This one was for 'If I Were A Boy' followed by a break out into Alanis Morrisette’s 'You Ought to Know'! Totally rocked!

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009

Crowd sings "To the Left, to the Left" to 'Irreplaceable' in acoustic. This was one of the most in sync moment of the whole night!

Singapore F1 Rocks Concert 26092009

Beyoncé came on stage right after a video clip montage of folks on Youtube who posted their 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)' dance routine online. It wouldn't be a Beyoncé concert if she didn't showed us how it's actually done!

'Halo' - Closing act for Beyoncé's 1st performance in Singapore.
She ended the song as a tribute to the late Michael Jackson. Singing "Michael, I can see your halo" and falling to her knees. Overly drama for me.

Adding to the high was when she ended with "Singapore... Singapore... I AM... I AM... YOURS!" Talk about showmanship!

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