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It was an unanimous decision that we opted to sell food at this year's St. Teresa Feast Day instead of the usual game stalls. We've been doing games stores EVERY year, we figured it will be a healthy change. Besides, all of us are wanna-be-chefs in our own ways!

Here's a sneak peek into what we're selling...
After carefully thinking through the food items we could sell, we decided on
1) Mike Lee's Burger (Mike's version of the famous Ramlee Burger)

STC Feast Day Cook Out 13092009
Mike Lee's Burger - generous sized minced beef patty; topped with melted cheese, saluted wild mushrooms, pickles, sliced tomatoes, lettuces and choice of sauce toppings between sesame seed buns

STC Feast Day Cook Out 13092009
At the deciding price of S$5, this burger is a steal! We all agreed a dash of BBQ sauce on the meat will bring out a tangy punch.

2) Nat's Corn Cup

STC Feast Day Cook Out 13092009
My contribution to the food menu. We finally perfected making Corn Cup! It tasted so good we could eat it by itself!

STC Feast Day Cook Out 13092009
The secret is in the type of corn we picked and of cause, Planta margarine.

It had to be Watties which retails per pack around S$4.50 for 500g. The NTUC brand really cannot make it. At 500g per pack of Watties, that makes only 4 - 5 cups of corn. We desperately need to find a cheaper source. A cup will be going at S$2.50 at the Fun Fair.

3) Annette's Cookies & Puffs
We had less luck with the Cookies and Puffs at the cook out. It started off with the walnuts getting burnt and then the inconsistent heat of the oven. We'll need to work on this a little more to get it right.

4) Jock's Cotton Candy & Pop Corn
Jock had prepared 3 colours of sugar for the cotton candy - purple, pink and green. I'm getting myself a purple stick on the fair day itself!

It was great effort on everyone's part, with Dennis supplying the kitchen, Terence jotting down the recipes and steps, and the in between Halo 3 shoot-out on Dennis' spanking new Xbox 360, which I died horribly at the hands of both Dennis and Mike.

See you at the fair!

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