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Ben & Jerrys Chunk Fest 12092009 17
You know you had too much of a good thing when you cannot down another spoonful of your most favourite ice-cream. And you'd know I REALLY like Ben & Jerry's when I'm not even a desserts gal.

Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest was back for a hippie good time - 2nd year running. Together with Ming and Wendy, we had to troop over to Marina Barrage to indulge in the 12 exclusive ice-cream flavours brought in especially for Chunk Fest.

Ben & Jerrys Chunk Fest 12092009 10
Digging into our Ben & Jerry's :P

Oatmeal Cookie Chunk – My favourite pick of the lot
Sweet Cream Cinnamon Ice Cream with Chunks of Oatmeal Cookies & Fudge
Imagine smooth cold cinnamon cream scrumptiously frozen, with generous swirls of oatmeal cookies and fudge chunks.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Thick chocolate Low with Fudge Brownies
Delivers every chocolaty goodness for the body and soul...

Vanilla Chocolate Chunk –
French vanilla ice cream loaded with chunks of pure dark chocolate wonder.

Orange & Cream –
Orange sorbet swirled with Vanilla ice cream
Lacks the citrus burst we were all hoping for.

Ben & Jerrys Chunk Fest 12092009 12
Other kaleidoscope activities at the festival. Unfortunately the stage, sound system and bands were less then entertaining...

Ben & Jerrys Chunk Fest 12092009 15
Before we headed away from the fair grounds, largely also due to the increasingly uncomfortable haze, we had to lay our hands on the Berry Berry Extraordinary.

Berry Berry Extraordinary –
Swirls of Blueberry Fruit Sorbet and Raspberry Fruit Sorbet
This groovy concoction simply sends you for a trip to berry heaven on earth.

Unfortunately, the ice-creams all melted way too fast under the warm weather and the inconsistent fridge temperature due to the frequent opening and closing. It made the ice-cream experience less enjoyable.

Adding to the ice-cream mania, I had another round of outrageous ice-cream pig out at Swenson's ION ice-cream buffet on Sunday. Which clever ass in the universe ever came out with an ICE-CREAM BUFFET! The high sugar content in the ice-cream fills you up so quickly. Considering I already had so much Ben & Jerry's the day before, I had to really convince myself surveying the buffet counter twice before committing. In addition, there were 6 of us, and it wouldn't make sense for Jerome to have to pay the full 1-for-1 price if I didn't take up the buffet.

It was a sugar rush over kill, with a spread of 50 ice-cream choices, chocolate fondue (strawberries, marshmallows...), brownies & cakes, freshly baked waffles (that was really yummy) and huge selection of toppings. For S$11 bucks, I left with a higher chance of getting a tooth decay!

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Sustainable Singapore Gallery at the Marina Barrage

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