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The day has finally arrived. Yahoo! GeoCities will officially shut their web hosting service on 26 October 2009. For many who grew up with the web in the 90s (talking about myself here) building a user-created homepage for topical communities on GeoCities was as close as it got to social networks. Those were the days before Twitter, before Facebook, before MySpace... even before Friendster!

My very 1st homepage was built on GeoCities, back in my poly days. Those were the days where we chucked along on a 486mhz computer and 56.6K modems had the fastest connection! You'd find my dude Kenny and myself at the computer stations building our websites on a Netscape browser with Notepad! Those 1st few lines of HTML codes... I remembered building portfolio pages featuring our trilogy animation "The Adventures of Coco & Molly". I really have to dig through my archives if I kept any of those web content. They've become very sentimental materials.

I went on to revamp my portfolio website (also on GeoCities) later in uni with a cleaner design in the now extremely dated "frames" structure.

Geocities Natasha Showreel Website Framed 01
Landing page of the portfolio website

Geocities Natasha Showreel Website Framed 03
Secondary pages of the porfolio website

In addition, while abroad in Australia, I also built a personal website for updates and pictures. The then method to keep in touch with friends and family.

Geocities Natasha Personal Website Framed 01
Landing page of the Natasha Online website

Geocities Natasha Personal Website Framed 03
Travel Log archive

Geocities Natasha Personal Website Framed 05
Remembering the tedious methods of photo upload before sites like Flickr and Zooomr. Everything was done MANUALLY. PAGE BY PAGE!

When blogging emerged into the web scene, I adopted Blogger as an alternative web update platform in 2002. I remembered not liking the term "blog" very much and labeled my links "weblog". It was soon evident that my GeoCitites sites were to be neglected. However, they remained live.

Natasha Blog Screen Shot Blue Clouds 02
Blogger site design

Nabaztagtag natashayong Website
Blogger site revamp soon after I purchased my very own domain

Blogger Natasha Personal Blog Website Framed 01
Latest minimal Blogger site revamp with Web 2.0

Preparing to let the site "die" naturally by itself was a difficult process. There was a need to backup content and host them somewhere else. I didn't appreciate that there was no one button download feature to backup your entire website. It was a real pain and a total waste of time repeating my right-click save-as action hundreds of times! Perhaps it was intended to be tough as Yahoo! offered customers a direct export to their paid Yahoo! Web Hosting.

As long as I've had personal webpages online, I've never paid a cent for any hosting. With that thought also comes the fear that I live by the mercy of all these online services which guarantees you nothing, not even if you pay. I'm reminded again about constant backup.

As the saying goes, "All good things, must come to an end". It was good while it lasted. GeoCities - R.I.P.


  1. bye Geocities...i din know it's ending until i saw ur weblog XD!!! thank u for this valuable info

    ah..nostalgia once more..

  2. do u noe of any good stereo digital voice recorders with inline features that i can record from a far distance? it seems that Olympus is a better choice than Sony?

  3. Nat : Yeah... those were the days...we grabbed every moment during our free time to surf the net. haha - what geeks. :)

    Minstrel : You can find some good reviews here :


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