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It's an annual affair to check out Little India every Deepavali. It's the festival of lights where the streets of Serangoon and Racecourse Road glitters in shinning colours. It's the smell of everything Indian... Curries, Tandooris, Jasmine, Masala, Incense... Nostalgic Indian tunes playing from shop houses from eon years ago. For your own safety (unless you want to be compressed into a tin of sardines) don't go anywhere near the place during the weekends. I actually didn't realise this weekend will be the celebrations for Deepavali!

Since our last meet up barely a month back at Bedrock Steak House for the humongous Tomahawk - a lot has happened. There were some hiccups at work for Celeste, then the West Sumatra earthquake that shook down her hometown in Padang. Wendy not being able to cope with her tourism module at school and myself with the ever increasing workload at the office... sigh... we needed one of those girls talk night...

Butter Chicken Curry, Masala Chicken Curry and Tandoori Chicken

Naan - Fruit, Butter and Garlic

We really needed to pig out in sinful curries and overly sweet lassi. I introduced them to Jaggis along the eateries on Racecourse Road for Northern Indian Tandoori. The fruit naan as usual was a hit and I was contented to sip down pipping hot masala tea.

The decorations this year were dull. Perhaps it was a Monday and the usual jam packed walkways were not evident. Still after walking a stretch of road toward Mustafa Shopping Centre, Celeste still couldn't get a cab!

But perhaps now with my new found interest to pick up stuff at unearthly hours, there may be more insomniac nights to head down to Little India for Mustafa's 24hr shopping!

Soaking In Deepavali
An Indian Affair


  1. aiyah! I did wanted to do something like this (plus taking pics) but just did not find the time :-P don't know if I can still do something before the weekend... :-D

  2. Don't expect much from the light-up. This year not very interesting. But personally I wouldn't dare go anywhere near that stretch of road in the later part of the week! Have fun if you do go down :)


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