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933 Singapore Hit Awards 2009 06112009 70
I thought the Super Band (纵贯线) Singapore Concert in July was probably the rarest Mandarin Pop concert I would be attending for 2009 until I was convinced by Kenny to check out the 第15届新加坡金曲奖音乐会 2009 (15th 93.3 Singapore Hit Awards 2009). It was between dinner or a concert. I figured why not the concert. S.H.E will be performing and I've been a fan since my Karaoke days. Kenny was in support of 五月天 (Mayday). Other performances included 蔡健雅, 萧敬腾, 梁文音, 徐佳莹, 黄靖伦, 张芸京, Olivia Ong, 迷路兵, 陈伟联, 蔡艾珈, 黄智阳, 陈彼得, 邱意琳, 叶敦鸿 and 陈迪雅 (Tanya Chua). After the concert, I still have little clue who they are.

933 Singapore Hit Awards 2009 06112009 52

Considering that the Han Chinese are the largest single ethnic group in the world, I've never under estimated the far reaching impact of the Mandarin Pop circle. You should have seen the crowd of screaming girls (and boys) when clips of a Jay Chou's MTV came on screen. It was only a VIDEO CLIP, it garnered louder screams then performers who were live on stage!

S.H.E sweeps the Best Group Awards. Ella screws up on her lyrics in "锁住时间"

S.H.E performing "中国话"(Zhong Guo Hua)

S.H.E performing "美麗新世界"

933 Singapore Hit Awards 2009 06112009 64
五月天 (Mayday) sweeps the awards for Best Band Awards

I was listening to more Mayday on our trip home after the concert. There were actually a couple of good Hokkien numbers! LOL!

Olivia Ong performing the Little Nonya Theme. This was definitely a crowd favourite

徐佳莹 (I called her the goldfish eyed girl) with her tribal tuned performance. I was actually impressed

933 Singapore Hit Awards 2009 06112009 61
迷路兵 rocking the stage with Faye Wong's "你快乐所以我快乐". I sing her version at Karaokes. Digg this song!

蔡健雅 (Tanya Chua)'s live performance

933 Singapore Hit Awards 2009 06112009 63
Homegrown singer-songwriter, Tanya Chua has been around since the late 1990s, but it wasn't until the mid 2000s that her career took off for a larger Taiwan audience. To me, certainly a good move to concentrate her music catered for the Chinese crowd. I think she is better as a songwriter then singer.

For SGD$28, we had upgraded seats, a goodie bag of 2 packets of Korean instant noodles and a couple of entertaining star studded performances. I'd say very good value for for a 1st time experience. I wonder if I left the awards learning anything more about Mandarin Pop music?!?!

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