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Christmas Eve Dinner 2009

The Christmas Turkey is becoming quite a family Christmas Eve tradition. Since our shift into our new home and installing for myself a gorgeous TEKA oven, I've really enjoyed fixing up a feast. This year, we've got the usual 4kg Stuffed Turkey, Cheese Sausages, Ham, French Loaves, Cereal Prawns, Baked Potatoes, Button Mushrooms, Long Beans for greens, Corn Soup and a Log Cake!

Christmas Eve Dinner 2009
The Christmas Log Cake

I don't recall us ever having a Log Cake. I've never been much of dessert person, but the Log Cake certainly brought home and completed the Christmas meal.

Christmas Eve Dinner 2009
The Spread

Then again, what good is great food without a great family to share it with :)

Have a Blessed Christmas. Peace to all Men.

One Fat Christmas Turkey!

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