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Graze Christmas Lunch 27122009

Celeste always has nice suggestions for dining venues. This time round, she suggested Graze at One Rochester Park for our FSP Christmas luncheon. I know there is no excuse but this was actually my 1st time at One Rochester. I've never been a west diner.

One Rochester Park is tucked away at Rochester and has a similar concept of old colonial-style black and white buildings turned posh restaurants like in Dempsey and Lock Road. It's very easy to fall in love with the chic, outdoor alfresco lounge and garden oasis amidst lots of lush greenery. The restaurant serves an Australian menu - Big Breakfast and the Ozzie styled BBQ.

Graze Christmas Lunch 27122009
At Graze @ One Rochester Park with Celeste

I was generally more in love with their Breakfast Menu. A great place to chill for Sunday brunch till they close at 3pm.

Graze Christmas Lunch 27122009
Simply Eggs Benedict
Classic or smoked salmon and spinach

Graze Christmas Lunch 27122009
The Cast Iron Pan
GRAZE bratwurst sausage, smoked bacon, mushroom, tomato, country potato, fried egg, baked beans and plum chilli salsa

Their BBQ specialties didn't appeal much to me. Never a big BBQ fan to begin with.

Graze Christmas Lunch 27122009
750g Flat Spring Baby Chicken

We also took a 250g Pasture Fed Tenderloin Greenhams BMS 2+ which tasted okay, but failed in comparison to the TOMAHAWK we had in Bedrock. Tenderloin was from Greenham Tasmania which produces high quality pasture fed beef that is sourced from the pristine natural environment of Tasmania. Greenhams Pasture Fed beef is served at Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar & Grills in Melbourne and Sydney.

Graze Christmas Lunch 27122009
For dessert, we had the Classic House Made Waffles - glorious strawberries, drizzled with maple syrup topped with house made nutella ice cream

We also had a Chocolate Crème Brulee topped with honeycomb ice cream and butter cookies. It tasted more like a chocolate pudding.

Graze Christmas Lunch 27122009
The space inside

Graze Christmas Lunch 27122009
The space upstairs with mis-matched furniture

Graze Christmas Lunch 27122009
Hey Gals!

We all left Graze with a full belly and lots of presents from each other. Yet the best gift this lunch was TIME together.

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  1. Happy New Year to you too! Let's see how we can do a meet up and chill out then :-D

  2. It's 'diner' not 'dinner' in, "I've never been a west dinner."

    - Wen


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