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While we were in Bali, the girls decided to book a 90 min session at the Hard Rock Bali Boom Box Recording Studio. The sound proof studio has a resident sound engineer working on a 32 track sound console. I guess that was more to impress us, it wasn't really used (obviously) for our recordings. We were equipped with a mic, 3 headphones and a small karaoke styled TV monitor to flash out the lyrics of our song choices. Trust me when I say 'KARAOKE'... my veins still eek with phobia from the last karaoke session we had with Sr. Wendy... and that was like three years ago!

FSP Bali Boom Box Recording - Joy to the World | Music Upload
I like how we all screwed up and had fun doing this song... like buffoons learning a new stunt.

FSP Bali Boom Box Recording - That Thing You Do | Upload Music
This is our more coordinated track and we were still pretty uncoordinated!

Hey, if we could sing like professionals, we would be REAL singers!
We recorded 2 other songs, Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" and The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand".


  1. I wanted to post last night when the power went out! Really love That Thing You Do but Joy to the World was a bit painful. LOL! Please upload the other songs - you've whetted my appetite and I've become a fan! :-)

  2. No way! We have a FAN! The other songs are really embarrassing and very likely to hurt your ears. Maybe I'll keep them for a private hearing when you next make your trip back.


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