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I was just watching a documentary on the cause and effects of the Mumbai Flooding of 2005 on National Geographics which killed over 1,000. Shortly after, CNN reports the devastating earthquake in Maule, Chile. This quake was huge - 8.8 in magnitude and ranking in the top 10 for largest earthquakes by magnitude. Another Chilean earthquake in Valdivia (1960) ranks #1 at 9.5 magnitude. That wasn't so long ago.

The world is still struggling with the recent Haiti earthquake on January 12, 2010. Haiti's 7.0 magnitude earthquake ranks #3 in terms of deadliest earthquakes after 2 others from China, Shaanxi (1556) and Tangshan (1976). Haiti's death Toll stands at 233,000 after one month is still raising.

Interestingly, the Chile earthquake though big seem to be well managed due to the country's high encounters with this nature of disaster. Of cause, we are still gathering the after effects reports which will trickle in days to come. Their death toll currently stands at 400 as the epi-centre is largely unpopulated.

Haiti still needs help and unfortunately for them, they'll now need to share the pie. We all certainly can afford to be more generous.

Haiti Earthquake 12012010 - Relief Funds Contributions Chart

According to the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters' publication Thirty years of natural disasters 1974-2003:
Over the past 30 years, the number of reported natural disasters has increased steadily, from slightly fewer than 100 in 1975 to a little more than 300 in 2003, an almost four-fold increase.
In general there are three primary factors causing this trend. Namely:
1) Environmental degradation
Deforestation, over grazing, river channelization, and destruction of mangrove swamps etc.

2) Population growth and urban migration
Overpopulation and population density in one area.

3) Climate Change
Raising sea levels, increased rainfall and drought.
Scientists are starting to study whether earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are impacted by the retreat of glaciers and the melting of ice sheets.

Mother Earth is speaking... are we listening...

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