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Taking marketing up a notch. With so many mediums fighting to catch your eyeball and attention, the game is clearly how experiential you can bring about your idea. Good experiences go a long way.

Marketing media lab Obscura Digital specializes in projects like mapping buildings with light, and creating interactive pool tables and touchscreen displays of rock memorabilia.

I thought Donald Thrump's spherical dome giving his guest a sense of Dubai was simply brilliant.

Computational artist Camille Utterback creates interactive art that responds to viewers' gestures and movements using computers, projectors, lights and video cameras.

Great potentials. In fact, 2 months ago I attended Singapore Polytechnics' DMIT's graduation showcase by invitation. A similar video installation encouraged kids to follow a video projection of a frog jumping around on lily petals. I was told that KK Women & Children Hospital is actually constructing a physiotherapy room for children using this technology.

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