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The opening and closing ceremonies for the annual Singapore Arts Festival for the past number of years have been most impressive. The festival organisers brought in quality acts, all of which were artistically imaginative and thought provoking. I've since made it a point to make time for the festival. And for the record, there is no way in hell that I will be attending this year's closing - Mega Line Dance! Like seriously!!!

Burning up the scenes this year is "Invitation to Dream - A Fire Garden Installation" by internationally renowned French fire alchemist Compagnie Carabosse. The historic expanse of Esplanade Park and Empress Place Precinct is transformed into a fiery glowing wonderland. Towering sculptures of metal, clay pots, fire curtains, blazing garlands and intricate patterns of flame carve out intimate spaces of warmth.

Unfortunately for us, it rained cats and dogs on Sunday night. The accompanying performances around the grounds were canceled :(

Two captivating ‘Méli Mélo’ – tall metal rings resembling Ferris Wheels carrying firepots – slowly spin within each other, casting a hypnotic effect on the eyes

The rain actually provided a sizzling effect on the flames. Trust me... it was very mesmerizing

The ‘forest’ of glowing sleeveless vests seemingly suspended in mid-air were not lit due to the rain. I believe it would have been a pretty 'ghostly' sight

They were inter-spaced with flaming charcoal balls hanging from trees

Relaxing swings, hanging garlands of firepots and huge ‘fairy fireballs’ – metallic spherical frames studded with firepots – beckon visitors at the Esplanade Park. A starry ceiling of fiery bulbs lines pathways, with surreal sounds from overhead radios for soothing company. Tall fire stovepipes stand guard in one alley, gently billowing fire and smoke from their tops like a forest of glowing gothic candles.

You will get a far better spell bounding effect from the video clip. It was all very pretty

We ended the night with dinner at Siam Reap II overlooking the fiery reflections on the Singapore River and a chilly quiet atmosphere. There was rain... but it was all very good.

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