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Korean B-Boys Breakout 0783

From the producers of the highly-successful "Jump", mix of the hottest Korean b-boy dance moves with stunning gymnastics, martial arts and hilarious physical comedy comes "BREAK OUT". Based on a story of five clumsy convicts who stage a daring escape from prison inspired by a sacred text that mysteriously lands in their hands one day. The prisoners finds shelter with some nuns and nurses in a convent.

Korean B-Boys Breakout 0774

The tale is told in the form of extreme dance which combines gymnastics, hip hop, breakdancing, yoga, martial arts and slapstick comedy to infectious beatboxing and catchy DJ music.

Korean B-Boys Breakout 0887

"Break Out" premiered in Seoul in April 2007 and is a new concept b-boy (breakdancing boy) show created by Yegam and Sevensense Inc of Korea. Established in 2003 and based in Seoul, Korea, Yegam and Sevensense Inc was one of the first production companies to specialise in comic martial arts performance in Asia, designed to appeal to people of all ages and international cultures.

Korean B-Boys Breakout 0877

I watched these guys rehearse at least three times. They were really dedicated to perfecting their act. Everything they did on stage seemed so free form, but trust me... it was rehearsed to death! And just when you think you've seen all they've got, they pull out all their tricks in the actual performance. They were FLYING!

Korean B-Boys Breakout 0839

I'd like to catch the actual performance the next time round. I figure it would be a humorous laugh.

"Break Out" with South Korea's B-boys

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