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I often compare the craze and popularity of the mobile app space to when the Internet was really becoming popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. Mobile apps are here to stay and are quite often more frequently engaged with by users then the actual phone part of the device. FlowTown (via Pew Internet) has put together an amazing infographic breaking down mobile app usage by various demographics/categories, here are some highlights:

- The average 18-29 year old has 22 apps
- 39% of college graduates have mobile vs. only 7% of users with less than high school
- 60% of app users have used game apps
- 59% of all app downloaders use the Facebook App vs. 55% use the Twitter App vs. 17% use the YouTube App
- 42% of app downloaders use apps multiple times a day
- 48% Use apps between 10-30 min a day
- 1 in 8 adult users paid to download an app

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