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I was all BONES this Halloween!

My Halloween costume options quickly narrowed as soon I picked up the Bones Headgear from Japan. I could dress up as Cave-Girl, a character from The Flintstones or Skeleton. Again, it wasn't difficult for me to quickly decide on being Skeleton; a cute one for that matter.

It was both an easy and cheap option. Black sweatshirt, black tights, a skeleton template cutout and the Bones Headgear. I paid 399 yen for the headgear and a bottle of black model paint for simple touch up at S$3.90. For less then S$10, I was dressed to prowl Fright Nite at Clarke Quay!

I loved the fact that there was very little fuss about this year's Halloween (for me), despite the growing popularity of the Halloween culture in Singapore. To cash in on the scariest night of the year, event companies such as the Singapore Night Safari and Sentosa's "Spooktacular", started programmes a month before! There was even family programmes planned at the Asian Civilization Museum!

We picked the date and a party place... and that was it!

Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 004 Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 006
All my bone pieces

Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 019
Coincidentally, my Skeleton outfit was accompanied by Celeste as the Angel (with her feathered white wings) and Socks as the Devil (droned with her glowing red horns)

Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 028 Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 026
I was quite a hit around Clarke Quay! Everyone wanted a piece of me! (I meant a photo with me...)

Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 059
I am Cannibal!

Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 064
Unlike previous years, we weren't on the Halloween Bus Tour. As planned, we spent the rest of the night partying away at Pump Room with our S$20 cover charge for 3 sets of Jive Talkin'

Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 047 Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 065
I danced so hard, I was literally falling apart! Evidence of me "fixing" myself and a shot of my rib bones falling off! By the end of the 3rd set, I was reduced to nothing!

It was hilarious on my return when the taxi driver wondered why I looked so normal and not dressed up for the night! I commented, "Oh... I was in fact very dressed up! But it all fell off!". Even the taxi driver had a good laugh!

Halloween Clarke Quay Pump Room 30102010 082
Group shot of the night, joined by Tim & Daniel. Unfortunately Jerry left early

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We've got our RIDE on the Halloween Bus!
Creeping up to Halloween
Halloween Movie Treat
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Fright Night, Boogie Night!
Happy Halloween - 'The House on the Hill'!

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  1. This is so bizarre... i saw your photo and realised that I know all 3 of you. "Socks" was in my grp from rcia 2 yrs ago.

  2. Isn't that nice... we share the same friends :)

  3. Oh hi Matreshka!!! hee hee.. yes.. we share the same friends.. tis me the "Angel". Socks and I are ex-colleagues. :-)I was at her baptism at HC as well. :-) Its a small small Singapore!


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