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Recycling Infographic Nov 2010


  1. i applaud recycling but i think too little is done about it

    i think more grants to build recycling plants, having exhibitions and talks in four main languages in HDB neighbourhoods, doing away with out-of-home common bins by replacing bigger four-type recycling bins with pictures to "say what goes where" in HDB dwellings will greatly help a lot?

  2. I wrote previously that being "green" is a lifestyle.
    We don't need more bins to convenience our recycling habits, rather we must learn to be responsible and good stewards of this land that we have been given.

    We've become a generation of waste. Needing more than we require, throwing without thought.

  3. ooh I just read this post.

    i've been recycling everyday 'cuz the govt dispenses recycling bags to my flat and they'll collect it every fortnight.

    however, i realised that no matter how much i avoid using / taking plastic bags with my purchases, my purchases itself (usually food items) are always in glass /plastic / paper / aluminium packaging. even the mails we receive are protected with plastic wrappers / paper envelopes.

    the more i dump these packaging into the recycle bags whenever i open a pack of sausages or finished a pack of bread or a bottle of jam, somehow the more i feel i am not really recycling much unless there's some change in packaging materials...


  4. Strangely I was talking to Jock yesterday about recycling (cause we were using corn disposable utensils) and he commented that science has now found better methods to disintegrate and recycle plastics in a much much faster time.

    In a way, I like the idea of interesting packaging, but I also agree that producers have to be creative in minimizing unnecessary materials used.

    It's a conscious effort.


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