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In preparation for my September Communications session on Web 3.0, I came across numerous Infographs which I wanted to share. Did not manage to find the time to update till recently. Check them out:

Size of the Internet 2010
Roxor's Infograph shows the amazing size of the Internet including stats on data, social media and usage.

How the World Spends Time on the Internet 2010 created an Internet Usage Infographic based on Nielsen data. The infographic explains how the world spends time on the Internet.

FaceBook - Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Top 50 Most Social Companies 2010
A recent report by NetProspex ranks the world's largest corporations in regards to most social employees.

How Adults Use Mobile Phones
Infographic from Flowtown, which explains how American Adults are using mobile phones. The data is based on a study completed by Pew Internet.

The Rise of an Apps-Based Culture
FlowTown (via Pew Internet) has put together an amazing infographic breaking down mobile app usage by various demographics/categories.

When I come around to it, I have 2 presentations to share which I will upload onto my Issuu homepage.

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