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Japan's ultra chic cafe culture is blooming and the country is the 3rd largest coffee consumer in the world behind Germany and America. Japan is the highest per capita coffee consumer in Asia and in 2000 around 4 hundred thousand tons of un-roasted coffees were imported to Japan. Considering the size of Japan, to be number three in the global coffee-drinking league is remarkable.

The Tully's Coffee brand name is big in Japan and outlets can be found throughout the country. At current, the company has about 400 stores in Japan and Eastern Asia.
Tully’s Coffee Japan started in 1999 as a joint partnership with the master license rights being purchased by Tully's Coffee Japan in 2005. The brand in Japan grew by way of the single-unit franchise method.

Tully's Coffee Japan 2010 Gotemba
I am not an extensive coffee drinker, but do enjoy an occasional cup of gourmet coffee. Enjoying my brew of Tully's Coffee

I was curious to uncover the highly successful formula of the Tully's Coffee chain and discovered four points differentiating it from the competition. Staying true to the vision of founder, Tom “Tully” O’Keefe, the four points are best products, friendliest people, most comfortable environments, and a commitment to community.

Best Products
The experience at a Tully’s Coffee shop starts with the beans. Only the finest Arabica beans are sourced from African countries of Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as the Latin American countries of Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama. The beans are then roasted slowly, over a slightly lower temperature than other West Coast roastersto to produce a very smooth finished full city roast without the burnt flavor profile that some people associate with gourmet coffee. The full city roast gets rid of any sour or grassy tastes in the coffee. This kind of roast is usually used for espresso and other strong coffees.

Tully's Coffee Japan 2010 Gotemba
Packed Tully's Coffee beans

Tully's Coffee Japan is now roasting six types of coffee beans in Japan with the help of UCC Ueshima Coffee. The company thus becomes the first major coffee house affiliated with a non-Japanese company to roast its own beans.

Friendliest People
The neighborhood stores have an amazing ability to bring people together. Together with the welcoming aroma of freshly brewed coffee is the warm hospitality of the staff and highly skilled baristas. The crew at Tully's are friendly, outgoing and energetic. Be sure to listen in on some expert advice from the barista on coffee at large.

Japan Panorama 02 Tullys Gotenba
Tully's Coffee Outlet at Gotemba-Shi, Shizuoka, Japan

Most Comfortable Environments
One reason coffee houses are popular is because they represent a “third space,” in addition to the home and office. Individuals can come to have a relaxing haven to study, read a good book, to meet friends and meet new people.

From well-designed spaces (housed with soft seating areas to smoking sections), to relaxing yet hip funky music playing at the right volume in the background, to a stack of magazines to read, to free Wi-Fi - The stores are designed with the comfort of the customers in mind.

To match the Japanese spirit and its love for the more indigenous beverages, the ever-expanding menu includes seasonal festive drinks and food.

Tully's Coffee Japan 2010 Gotemba
Enjoying our delicious cup of Matcha Latte and Nutty Caramel Latte

Commitment To Community
The company has made it their priority to invest their energy and money in the neighborhoods where we live and work. They are devoted to supporting schools, community groups, and charities, with a particular interest in those focused on improving children’s health.

It is amazing how the Japanese can take a distinctly American brand and the coffee drinking culture and have the ability to soak up new ideas and inventions, giving them an extensive make-over and a unique Japanese twist.

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  1. Hey there's Tully's here too... at West Coast Plaza. heh heh

  2. There are in fact 4 Tully's Outlet in SG - Far East Square, Orchard Central, Square 2 and West Coast Plaza. The franchise is actually brought in by my company.

    I wrote the article as part of my assignment in Japan. And since I had to write about a coffee place... I had to pick my own!

  3. haha I did wonder if the franchise was from FEO. Which means Quiznos too right?

  4. Yupe, Quiznos is brought in by us too. And that's an awesome sandwich. Try it if you haven't done so.


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