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I've been behind on my posts these two months, but it's a good sign of 'living' more. Though, there's no good excuse to write less. Every weekend have been filled with tons of activities leading into Advent and then now into the last week of Christmas.

In the spirit of Christmas, a time of peace, love and goodwill to all... I paused to think about the many blessings I have received this year. This year, there was no Pre-Christmas To-Do List, no Shopping List, no rushing around stuffed up in overly crowded streets and malls; cracking my brains on what to get who! This year, I simply wanted to give 'Giving'.

Perhaps it was Celeste's Charity themed birthday in August that rubbed-off and inspired me to take 'giving' more seriously. Then came the World Visions Singapore Christmas Gift Catalogue in November that truly sparked me thinking why not forget about getting my friends stuff they already have... and make this season meaningful to someone, somewhere who's less fortunate in their honour.

World Vision Christmas Gifts Catalogue 2010
World Visions Singapore Christmas Gift Catalogue 2010

I've been blessed through and through and in knowing the difference we can make by sharing God's goodness touches my heart in a mushy way.

The world can definitely give a little more love.

Spread Jesus this Christmas. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas 2010.

A personal cause I adopted last year was to give the gift of Education. If there's a gift to give a child, give something life changing... give Education.

Sharing the basic principles:
1) Children are our most precious natural resource
2) The solution to poverty, peace and environment is education
3) Teaching is one but not the only way to achieve learning

I picked the following transformational gifts:
World Vision Christmas Gift 05
World Vision Christmas Gift 04

World Vision Christmas Gift 03
World Vision Christmas Gift 02
World Vision Christmas Gift 01

I pray that the small contribution can help children and families put their life back on track and be a true instrument for God's grace.

May they too be blessed this Christmas.

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