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New Year Eve Red Dot Clarke Quay 2010 2011 31

The honest truth is I haven't truly found time for a hearty recollection of 2010. I can't recall the last time I made a New Year's resolution and I don't intend to start one again. In a strange sense, I felt 2010 went by way too fast. It's as though I haven't stopped enough to smell the flowers. Needless to say, that I am certain when I account for the things I did through the year; I'd be both proud and regretful for stuff I achieved and those I didn't. But more importantly, the question to really ask is were these things meaningful. Did it make me a more loving person.

Ushering in 2011 was a series of ridiculous events.
- When you think Justin Bieber's "Baby" cannot be any worse, the live band at Red Dot performed it in reggae mode that totally brought the song to a new low. I was in tears!

- Seriously, the band was so bad... we couldn't stop complaining! It was déjà vu in 2008 Paulaners Bräuhaus where we were tortured by the horrible Filipino band performing! Wendy was pushed so bad, she had to write a nasty note to rid the band off stage!

- It would have been a sin to welcome 2011 with bad music. 15 minutes before the clock struck twelve, we sped our way toward Clarke Quay. One minute to the New Year, we abruptly stopped the car while turning onto New Bridge Road. Wei Sian and I climbed onto the roof of his car and watched the annual Esplanade fireworks in full splendor! For the next 10 minutes it was traffic chaos!

- We arrived at Clarke Quay to watch the final act of fake Lady Gaga! And drank beer in Burger King!

I couldn't have started the New Year in a more insane fashion. Perhaps it starts the tone for the rest of the year to come!

So I say... Bring It On 2011!

Love more everyday!

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