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March was a crazy month as I was back in Jakarta, Indonesia to finally deploy and go-live my project. This time round, I specifically requested for a hotel near the biggest shopping malls in Jakarta City. Within minutes, I could be at either Grand Indonesia or Plaza Indonesia (currently my fav shopping hangout in Jakarta). Quite unfortunately (but expected), the project deployment was jam packed in schedule and ran into a couple of hiccups. That pretty much translates to no time for shopping and R&R activities. The stress level to complete the deployment shot up the roof and I crashed into bed nightly after as much paperwork as I can complete.

Still I made it a point to have a decently nice dinner at the end of each day - cause the team DESERVE it! Here's a glimpse:

Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Plaza Indonesia Jakarta 21-25032011
At the newly opened Shabu Shabu House in Plaza Indonesia. We had to try their Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu speciality!

Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Plaza Indonesia Jakarta 21-25032011
Having over 200g of generously sliced premium Wagyu Beef in Miso Soup

Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Plaza Indonesia Jakarta 21-25032011
Shabu Shabu House had a good range of Sake Cocktails in the menu. Unfortunately for me... they haven't obtained their liquor license to serve...

Sour Sally Yogurt Plaza Indonesia 21-25032011
Then there is the 100% fat-free Sour Sally Yogurt that totally strike the right cord to long tired day

Sour Sally Yogurt Plaza Indonesia Jakarta 21-25032011
The healthy yogurt craze have been prominent in Indonesia. Sour Sally is a surprising great product that is conceptualized and bred in the grounds of Indonesia. Since late last year, Singapore opened a franchised outlet in Wisma Atria

Sour Sally Yogurt Plaza Indonesia 21-25032011
Candy Twist - Twist combination of Melon, Strawberry & Original flavours. Topped with delicious kiwi fruits! One of their best topping is the candy mochi!

Hoka Hoka Bento
Hoka Hoka Bento set with fake jelly Bird's Nest

Tom Yum Oxtail Soup
And there's a first for everything. Oxtail Tom Yum! Spicy HOT and super delicious!

Marina at Keppel Bay
Bedrock's TOMAHAWK Steak!
Brushing Shoulders with Danger!
Yet another EARTHQUAKE Strikes from Sumatra!
Jakarta, Indonesia
Wagyu Beef and Beer

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