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There was a lot to ROAR about in Disney’s internationally-acclaimed Broadway Musical "The Lion King". Directed by Julie Taymor, the worldwide phenomenon (which won over 70 major international theatre awards) made its South East Asian premiere at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. The production bore the honour of being the first musical to be debuted in the theatre. Yet, after the dance spectacular "Riverdance" last year, I felt the small stage failed to give grandeur to the musical.

2010 wasn't much of a 'musical' year for me. The poor production in 2009's "Victor/Victoria" left a bad after taste and I'm still sore from missing "CATS"... I was itching to catch a solid musical performance, short of flying myself to Broadway in London. "The Lion King" promised the original Broadway cast from London and since I loved the animated feature, I figured it would be worth forking out SGD$125 per tix for the entire family.

The lions tale was set against the majesty of the Serengeti Plains with beautifully evocated rhythms of Africa and exploded with glorious colours in costumes and stunning effects.

Having isle seats in stall was the best decision I made. The musical burst into the opening number “Circle of Life” and dazzled the crowd with imaginative and intricate African wildlife marching down both sides. I think the spontaneous crowd made all the difference, cheering and clapping as the animals scurried to the epicentre of the stage to pay their respect to the new-born future King, Simba. Who would have thought Singaporeans had it in them to be expressive!

Jean Luc Guizonne stands out admirably in his heroic yet tender turn as Mufasa, while Patrick Brown, inject enough villainy into his role as Scar

The musical had everything from stage to lighting right. Adding to creative element was the ingenious use of costume and puppetry. Some were so good they were mesmerizing. The actors played out their energy effortlessly, but the puppetry added a degree of difficulty.

I applaud the level of detail, vibrancy and creativity put into every aspect of the production. Every moment was gloriously enjoyed. And so the stage wasn't big enough for Prideland... Big DEAL... we still shout 'Hakuna Matata'!

"The Lion King" Trailer

"The Lion King" 1st Rehearsal in Singapore

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  1. Just saw the Lion King for the second time and would continue to see it over and over again!

  2. It's worth every cent for the heart-warming storyline and entertainment value!


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