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STC Confirmation Camp 2011 St. Joseph Church Group Shot

Just before flying off to Jakarta, I spent 3 days facilitating the pre-confirmed youth at their Confirmation Camp 2011. I've gotten to know this bunch of awesome youth at the Faith Challenge activity in the Pre-Confirmation Camp last year, I was in fact quite excited to spend some time away from work to share in God's graces. There is always something very beautiful in Confirmation Camps as the kids mold their decisions to commit to the faith.

As usual, the camp was spiritually intense, contributing to very late nights and lack of sleep. But this year, we spent a day 'serving'. Each group planned an external activity to outreach and service the community. Through which they learn the wider sense of 'giving' and 'community'.

STC Confirmation Camp 2011
The Johns consisting of - Shawn, Joshua, Zach, Jerry, Charmaine, Andrea, Mary and myself

My group, St. John (which we affectionately called "The Johns"); co-facilitated by Shawn, had planned to help with work in the Red Cross. But due to some co-ordination matters, we ended up doing 'welcoming' and 'serving'. As much as it is important to do front-line warring for Christ, it was equally important to have a team serving and supporting these Christ warriors.

The Johns decided to serve during meal times, be a welcoming party to groups as they returned from their service activities and decorate the canteen area for the family luncheon.

STC Confirmation Camp 2011
Hard at work... decorating the canteen

STC Confirmation Camp 2011
Welcoming board

They put their heart and soul into serving and making the place look nice. It showed in their enthusiasm and joyfulness as they went about their tasks. Even Aunty Loo loved the decorations that she requested for them to remain for the kids' party!

May this God given spirit of service continue into everyday of your life! I'll be praying for you each one of you as you journey deeper into our beautiful faith!

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