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I was taking advantage of the low US dollar to do some online shopping and picked up two pretty kick-ass bags. Kenny was kind enough to bring them back to Singapore from Atlanta. RAWKS!

Gola Bronson Tokyo by eBoy (Limited Edition)
Gola eBoy Tokyo Bag 19062011 05

UK sportswear label Gola hooked up with German pixel art collective eBoy on a new footwear and bag collection for the 2009 spring/summer line. Influenced by building robots, cars, handguns, world filled with girls, and 3D cube’s their unique approach is taken from eBoy’s graphic arsenal and smacked on some of Gola’s classic styles.

Gola eBoy Tokyo Bag 19062011 11

Gola eBoy Tokyo Bag 19062011 13
Love the quality of the bag overall. Nice compartment and linings in the interior of the bag

Video review of the Gola Bronson Tokyo

LA Gear Timmy Tactical Attache SWAT by Thinkgeek

LA Gear Thinkgeek Timmy Tactical Attache SWAT Bag 19062011 09

The LA Gear Timmy Tactical Attache is rugged and practical. This bag has one big chamber capable of holding a small notebook computer, netbook, iPad as well as a pile of gadgets, cables, tools and phone. There are velcro strips along the back to attach additional tactical pouches, or even your name or unit patch. Because it is ballistic nylon, it's extremely durable. In the field, this bag may very well outlast me!

LA Gear Thinkgeek Timmy Tactical Attache SWAT Bag 19062011 05

- The bag measures approximately 14" x 10" x 6"
- Hidden full size interior pocket with velcro
- Two adjustable side pockets
- Large main pocket has a removable stiffener/divider system to organize gear
- Two pen pockets
- Four accessory pockets for phones, mp3 players or external drives with adjustable - Velcro closures
- Large side zippered pocket for wallet, passport, keys and other valuables.
- Padded Removable Shoulder Strap
- Carry Handles Of Heavy Nylon Webbing, Running The Entire length and across the bottom for extra secure support.
- Large quality Zippers With Para cord Pulls (for when your fine motor skills are shutting down from lack of caffeine
- Velcro Patch on side pocket to attach name tape, flight suit tag or unit patch

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  1. Hello, is there anywhere in which I can buy this bag? As I have been looking for it and just can not seem to find it (:

  2. Hi Alex, which bag are you referring to?
    I haven't seen the Gola Tokoyo any where in Singapore. It is a collectors and I had it shipped from the States.

    You will have a better chance finding the Timmy Tactical Attache. There are similar army styled bags in Beach Road and a shop in Funan.


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