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I am a true blue 80s child. A kid of the MTV generation. I grew up with Cassette Tapes, VHS Videos, Roller-skates, Game & Watch, John Hughes' films and ate instant noodles! Music and Movies were (and still is) a huge part of my life. You almost never forget your growing up years and how it has defined and moulded you today.

I was a real MTV junkie as a kid, having written previously about "Salem A Video A Day". Can't imagine the no. of times I've watched Michael Jackson's "Thriller", Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" and Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted". Little known fact, the 5 Fairways gals performed Bananarama's "I Heard A Rumor" at an estate Mooncake Festival Celebration; choreographed by our very talented Rock Chic, Pauline Chong. I am quite sure we were in our early teens!

It was a no brainer that I would be present for the 2011 Singapore's biggest retro concert festival, presented once again by Class 95FM and organised by Running into the Sun, which brought in 80s pop icons The Human League, Belinda Carlisle and the Bananarama duo. It was a glorious performance where the sell-out crowd relived their blissful nostalgia of the good old times. It was "Retro-mania" with synchronized dancing to cheesy 80s hits was the order of the night!

From Retrolicious 80s Concert 08102011

Pioneers of electro-pop music, The Human League opened the show with Never Let Me Go.
The trio of Philip Oakey, Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall sounded as if no time had passed since their glory days. It was great to hear the sound of the crowd literally and figuratively as they sang along to the familiar mambo hit as well as the last song of their set Don’t You Want Me. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how big some of their hits were then and still are today until you hear thousands of people go crazy when the band is performing it in front of your face.

The Human League picked it up and started playing old familiar tunes such as Human and (Keep Feeling) Fascination.

But the song which got the audience crazy, dancing and singing along was their 1984′s UK #3 hit Together In Electric Dreams.

Mirror Man & The Lebanon

From Retrolicious 80s Concert 08102011

Sr. Wendy was raving over Twitter about how much she had wanted to catch 80s pop icon Belinda Carlisle, now 53-year-old live on stage. In fact, she even got a few personal twits from the star herself! She has to be the coolest nun! Carlisle looked gorgeous for her age, but the loosely fitted shirt and pants made appear very "auntie". But who really cared as she stuck to songs that charted, performing half of her best selling album Runaway Horses. She knocked out the ballad Vision Of You, the mesmerizing La Luna, Circle in the Sand and her signature tune Summer Rain.

I Get Weak

Leave A Light On & Live Your Life

No Belinda Carlisle set-list will be complete without her US #1 hit Heaven Is A Place On Earth? The pop legend ended her set with her biggest hit, which really was something akin to a spiritual experience.

From Retrolicious 80s Concert 08102011

Without a doubt, it was power duo Bananarama who got the night swinging in full force. The hold the Guinness record of having the most number of chart entries in music history. I think I practically knew every single song of theirs! Together with their dancing Toy Boys, the energetic duo got the crowd grooving along to dramatic sweeping arms gestures and making finger signs in the shape of heart fashioned to the beat of the music. It was the ultimate Mambo Night!

Bananarama exploding onto stage with Venus

I Want You Back

Shy Boy & Really Saying Something

From Retrolicious 80s Concert 08102011

The effervescent duo concluded the explosive set with Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye which sends out a message of girl power even before the Spice Girls came along.

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