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My first taste of Tasmania's Cradle Mountain was an insanely wet and rough one. While Carl put potatoes to boil and beef to stew, we took a hike down Ronny Creek in search of wildlife. Many hikers start their Overland Track from Ronny Creek Trailhead and hike North to South. It was a fairly simple downhill hike if not for the ridiculous wind and rain. The ponchos were rendered useless and umbrellas were a joke!

Exposed to the wide and wild buttongrass lands, I was walking firm in case the winds pushed me off course. Such weather is common in the west Tasmanian region and considered mild!!! It was an experience to respect how vicious the mountains can be.

Starting our hike downhill

Head South toward the highlands

Wombats and Wallabies can be found within the grassland. I was too engrossed in getting myself out of the rain!

The tail end of the boardwalk trail. Some of the most beautiful sights are seen turning around and taking a deep breath

We returned to the cabin wet, cold and overjoyed to dig into our steaming hot beef stew!

The following day, we tracked toward Cradle Mountain and the weather took a 180 degree turn! How crazy is that?!?!

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