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2nd day in 2012 and what did you do?

Pretty ironic that the Kite Flying outing at Marina Barrage resulted in NO KITE FLYING pictures! Actually I am sure there are a couple of shots in another DSLR camera. Just don't know whose...

Dinesh has some pretty neat toys and amongst his DSLR cameras, prime lens, bicycles... is a Fish Kite. Kite flying goes back a long way when the 1st generation STYG Youth used to gather and fly our kites in the now defunct Marina South. Well, Marina South is still present... but have under gone numerous transformations. I remembered the place for cheap Eat-All-You-Want Korean BBQ, Bus 400, Victor's Superbowl and a large empty grass field for kite flying.

Kites too have gone a long way. These days, they are huge, equipped with LED lights and have some big-ass reeling system strapped to a body harness. Gone are the days of simple tracing paper kites! In fact, one of my art and craft project in school was to build a kite from "sapulily" broom and tracing paper! Dinesh's Fish Kite was mid-sized but despite good winds, it wasn't all that easy to lift the kite and keep it afloat. Somehow I didn't recall lifting a kite to be difficult previously. There were occasions where the release of the line get entangled and wind turbulence that cause the kite to suddenly drop. I did get the kite flying pretty high at a few stages and am still amazed at how some other kites can be flown waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up there!

Kite flying is something I could grow to enjoy. Decent investment for hours of fun.

I love the fact that I was out in HOT sun, getting an UNEVEN tan; setting a picnic, having pizza (thanks to Jerry) and WARM BEER (thanks to Bel); tossing around a Frisbee and oh, trying my hands on the UKELELE!

Starting the new year should be this fun!

Marina Barrage City Skyline (Night)
Sustainable Singapore Gallery at the Marina Barrage
Ice-Cream Mania
Wishing I had more time at the festivals

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  1. Best Spots to Fly Kites
    Marina Barrage
    Punggol / Sengkang East Avenue
    Sengkang Riverside Park
    Tampines Central 7
    West Coast Park
    Jurong Park Central
    Buangkok MRT

    Enjoy Donavon


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