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Slides shared and credited to Mgsr Eugene Vaz

I started on a 4 week Lenten Reflection with Mgsr Eugene Vaz focusing on the Year of Faith to be Priest, Prophet and King. I am waiting to hear if there is a more feminine versions to the manly roles. It's hard to pass on Mgsr Vaz's sessions; he is charismatic, dynamic and very concise in his teachings and deliverables. I always part his sessions learning so much.

While the TOB Group get their hands around to Ascension Press' DVD material on "A Biblical Walk Through the Mass", I thought I would like to dedicate the next four weeks to some Lenten catechesis.

And while I know almost all my life that Lent is THE most important season in the Catholic calendar (and probably rich in way more biblical facts and church traditions than I can comprehend), I admit I know very little. I attended the 1st session figuring what angle of Lent Mgsr Vaz will touch on.
His opening focus WHAM BAMed me! He went head on into Baptism and how it related so closely to Lent.

1) The Sacrament of Baptism at the Heart of Lent
The Second Vatican Council called for a renewal of Lent (to any misconceptions people have to the purpose of Lent) and a refocus on its baptismal origins.
In the very early church, Easter was the only time to get baptized.

Season of Lent is heavily accented on:
a) Preparing for Baptism

Helping the Catechumen to be prepared for Baptism.

b) Preparing to renew Baptismal Promises
On Easter Sunday the Church recites the Baptismal Promises.
The Church is called to review in their lives what is it they 'Believe', linking the connection of baptism to our everyday life.

2) In the Year of Faith, we are called to:
a) Renew and deepen our faith

What is the quality of my faith?

b) Be continuously conscious of our Baptismal character and role
Role - as a Christian and Disciple. The way we think, the way we speak and our relationship with others. This role is dependent on our character.

c) Share our faith with others
Evangelisation - Sharing the good news of our faith in the Gospel, the teaching of the church, in our lives.
People are either reluctant or unable to share their faith, because their faith has not been developed.
We are called to the New Evangelisation - for people of faith to be re-catechised so that they can be renewed to be on fire to share their faith.

d) Witness God's love in our family, workplace, community, society

Baptism - The Sacrament of
a) Supernatural Rebirth / Regeneration (emphasis on "re")
b) Supernatural Life
Baptism gives New life, a spiritual life and makes us to be configured in Jesus Christ.

The Effects of Baptism
5 main supernatural effects:
a) Removal of guilt and penalty for (original) sin
Restore the corresponding title to heavenly glory. Men and Women are created for glory.
Our claim to heavenly glory is too awesome to lose.

b) Supernatural Life
Our natural birth has be lifted to be with God. The life that we were meant to have.
The work of Jesus in his death and resurrection restores us back to God.
The life in relationship with Christ cannot be taken for granted.
"being born from above"(Jn 3:3)
"being born of God" (Jn 1:12-13)
The source of this supernatural life is sanctifying grace - the indwelling of the Holy Trinity.

c) Virtues, Gifts and Fruits
Baptism infuses into us supernatural powers, instincts and joys.

The 3 most important powers are the theological virtues: faith, hope and charity
To be empowered to believe everything which God has revealed; The Creed.

To be empowered to confidently trust in God.
- All the good things promised us by God, we shall obtain
- We will never be without the light and strength we need to fulfill the will of God
"Do not fear, I am with you till the end of time"
- With God's grace we can bear all the trials and tribulations of life
Both in sickness and trials of integrity, morality and faithfulness
- Heaven is ours, as we cooperate with God's grace
- Confident of God's mercy and so we repent

To be empowered to
- Love God above all things; more than ourselves, when we have to endure sufferings and in all circumstances in life.
- To love others; as we love ourselves, like how Christ has loved us.

d) Membership in the Church
Faith is communitarian.
The command of Jesus - The Church is the universal sacrament of salvation and sanctification.
Baptism gives us the right to be called Christians when the baptized person is ready to profess what the Catholic Church teaches, and accepts her laws and obligations with an open heart.

e) Indelible character
Receive a permanent, irremovable character or seal.
Baptism imparts a likeness to Christ - priest, prophet and king.
Jesus Christ has a claim on the baptized and they have a claim on Him.

How to Grow in the Gifts of Baptism?
a) Grow in the gift of faith
We either grow it or lose it.

b) Studying our faith
- Sacred Scriptures
- Documents of the Second Vatican Council
- Catechism of the Catholic Church
- The Creed
- Social teaching of the church

c) Praying
- Personal quiet time, meditation, contemplation
- family prayer

d) Using faith and sharing it with others

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