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I recalled saying how scary it was that "time" flies quickly before you... if only everything was this good to be true! Half of 2003's 1st month has gone by and Lunar New Year is just around the corner. The holiday trip in December is still fresh in it's miniDV tapes and I've just cleared up enough space on the HD to do some creative editing on the 2 and half hour footages. I'm intending to produce the final product on DVD, which will be an experience. I should really be working on some kind of time schdule to get it done ASAP!

There are a couple of other activities on the pipeline, and I must say completing "The Legend of Zelda" on my Gameboy Advance is one of time. I'm still looking into the STC website and some others which I can't really recall at this moment... So much things to do, so little time and so much in need of more rest!

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