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This is the official *blog* I'm jotting for the new year of 2003! It's almost like everything has a chance to start afresh again and new, bold thoughts can once again be created. Guess it's something that comes along with the passing of Winter where Spring takes over, breathing into the world a lease of life. The year has kicked off into a positive note. I'm appreciating the fairly comfortable pace, where nothing is in a mad rush to be accomplished. Providing me with the space to think and execute some things I've placed on the shelves (literally) last year. The fear is that with another blink of an eye, time flies away right before your very eyes; making you feel unworthy of the time and things that have been bestowed upon you. Very soon, I'll be ushering another Lunar New Year.

I'm already looking forward to the extra cash of the season! It's always a festive time for the family to get together. There's lots to look forward to this year... hope it's going to be a good one!

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