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Saw Baby Joel yesterday. He's still in KK Hospital's ICU at the Children's Tower. Despite being a 3 day old baby, he looked rather big (roughly 3 plus kg); which is a good thing for the heart operation he'll be under-going in another week. No one has seen him with open eyes as yet, but his features looked well defined and rather cute with long fingers and a little mouth. Mabel seems to be recovering well from the delivery... walking around... eating... I bought this pig figure photo frame for the baby's cheeky face when his a little better.

Everyone's getting ready to usher in the Year of the Goat tonight. Mom was still stocking up to complete the New Year Goodies and purchasing food items yesterday. As usual, there will be the annual reunion dinner and then perhaps off to Chinatown? I've yet to soak in the atmosphere of the bustling streets. The good deals are always towards the end...

And coming to this last day of the Lunar New Year... I've got this bitter sweet feeling... the economy's not fantastic... Singapore's fighting with Malaysia (not that I really care)... I'm getting older...
Guess there's still a lot to cheer about - so GONG XI FA CAI and WAN SHI RU YI!

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