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This is the 1st Blog into the Year of the Goat, and I must say... the year is starting off to a good note. This year was less hectic then usual. Although Spring Cleaning was still an over night affair stretching over to the New Year. Rain poured down in the last leaps of the Black Horse, which was quite an experience visiting the Chinatown night markets. The reap in the Ang Bao pool is as normal... but I can always make do with the extra cash. I managed to make use of the holiday period to cut some HK footages. It's still coming along slowly, but surely. Guess the toughest part is to put in some creative editing.

Something to Shout about: "I'm on Broadband!" It's something that I've been delaying for sooooo long! The new speed is good, and I'm seeing more hours before the computer screen. For that case, I might be planning to upload some video footages online in due time.

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