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Very quickly, we're already into the last week of Lent, preparing for Easter Celebrations. The Easter Celebrations at large will be held back till May this year as many are still worried about the SARS situation. My parish especially have another dip in faith due to a Priest scandal which was discovered late last week. Many of us who spent growing up days in the parish were shocked at the news and are coming to terms with the findings.
Despite the numerous turn of events, I'm trying to make this holy week count leading up to Easter. Let's just say that, (as usual) the desired Lenten sacrifices were not achieved... Today (hopefully) will always be a good day to start :)

Well, the SARS death toll had hit 12 over the weekend. And by the looks of it, it's going to stay for a while. Definitely disrupted many scheduled events... but it's the most exciting time to be alive to soak it all in!

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